A double crisis in Vanuatu Coronavirus and Cylone Harold

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We are living amidst one of the greatest global health emergencies the world has ever faced as COVID-19 has reached every county around the globe.

This is a deeply challenging time. But for women in rural communities like Vanuatu, it’s especially difficult.

On April 6th, category 5 Cyclone Harold landed in Vanuatu and devastated the Northern islands of Espiritu Santo and Malekula, among others. This cyclone impacted 160,000 people which is over half the population of Vanuatu.

Even in normal times, this would be a terrible situation but the country is now facing a battle on two fronts as the threat of coronavirus reaches the island, it has the potential to be catastrophic.

With your support we can work with women around the world in vulnerable communities to –

  • Communicate life saving prevention information about COVID-19
  • Provide protective equipment for healthcare workers
  • Support vulnerable workers with no income protection
  • Create safe spaces for women at increased risk of domestic violence

Can you make a donation today to help women around the world respond to the threat of this pandemic?


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