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The UN climate summit starts on 31 October. It’s time for Australia to step up its support for women and marginalised communities experiencing the worst impacts of climate change.

Australia can do this by immediately doubling its climate finance to AU$3 billion, so low-income countries can bolster responses to the climate crisis. Email our Foreign Minister, Marise Payne now!

What is climate finance? 

Despite having contributed the least greenhouse gas emissions, low-income countries are already bearing the brunt of climate impacts. As global warming accelerates environmental degradation, and extreme weather events are threatening livelihoods, food security, homes and safety, women living in poverty are being hit the hardest.

In the lead up to COP26, low-income countries are calling on wealthy nations to pay up! The United Kingdom, United States, and Canada have already responded to the call by doubling their climate finance commitments.

Australia must follow their lead and immediately double its climate finance pledge to AU$3 billion over 2020-2025. 

Send an email to Foreign Minister Marise Payne and the Minister for International Development and the Pacific now!

Before you send your email:

  • Make sure you personalise it! The more personalised, the better. Share with the Ministers what climate action means to you.
  • Keep it polite – this will make it more effective.