You are a Champion for Women’s Equality

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The future just became a better place for women, thanks to you.
Important stats about inequality

There’s no denying that the world we live in is still very much a man’s world.

  • 99% of our planet is owned by men
  • 81% of parliamentary seats are held by men
  • A man in Australia earns 17% more than a woman in the same job
  • Women’s rights continue to be ignored all over the world.

Because of your commitment to gender quality and your monthly support of ActionAid, the above stats will change. Working together, we will lift women up. Your support funds campaigns for women’s rights around the world. Your gift is used to:

  • Educate women and girls to give them more opportunities
  • Train women to lead during times of crisis
  • Give women living in poverty the skills needed to generate their own income
  • Help women to create safer cities and communities
  • Counsel women who have experienced trauma
The ongoing fight for gender equality

ActionAid is only able to do this important feminist work because of you. Your commitment to women’s rights and your support to fund the fight for equality is admirable.


Thank you – you are truly a champion for women’s rights.