Donate Now: Women are hungry for change

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Help women overcome hunger and food insecurity

Almost 500 million women go to bed hungry – not because the world doesn’t produce enough food, but because of global injustice. Climate change exacerbates the inequalities women already suffer, such as unequal access to health, sexual reproductive health and rights, education, participation and protection.

We are witnessing massive displacement of communities in Kenya and across the whole Horn of Africa, with record estimates indicating at least 1 million people have moved from their homes in search of food and water.

It’s heart-wrenching and unjust that so many women are shouldering the burden of the impacts of climate change.

Women like Chepnarewo, who must make tough decision daily about how to care for their children in the face of ecological upheaval, including finding a safe place to live and sourcing nutritious food and clean water.

This time last year, Chepnarewo had 40 goats; today, she has none. Months of drought has hit pastoralist in Northern Kenya hard, and Chepnarewo is facing the fourth poor rainy season in a row.

Your support this Christmas will help women like Chepnarewo with resources and skills such as:

Water: access to a safe water supply for home and agricultural use

Food & Farming: seeds, tools or a chicken-raising start up for income generation and food security

Training: targeted training to women farmers in climate-resilient agricultural and fishing techniques

A sustainable future is only possible when women have the resources and knowledge to adapt to changing climate.

We are doing everything we can to support women to prepare for and overcome this devastating new reality. But we can’t do it without your help.

You can help women like Chepnarewo thrive.

Please donate today.