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Petitions like this are improving the working conditions for women garment workers.

After public outcry over a lack of Australian brands signing the Accord, Mosaic Brands and The ICONIC have recently agreed to sign on! Your signature will help us replicate this success with Best&Less.

Will you take your impact further and help put an end to the exploitation of garment workers by supporting a Women’s Cafe?

A Women’s Cafe offers workers a safe space to receive support and access learning opportunities, education and information about their rights at work. For women experiencing violence and exploitation, a Café is a lifeline to safety, self-determination and respect.  

You can help stop women from being exploited by supporting a Women’s Cafe.

For many big brands, the Ready-Made Garment industry is an economic success story, yet the women at its heart continue to be mistreated and overworked.

By providing a place to share, listen and learn, Cafes are empowering women to negotiate for better working conditions, force accountability for sexist oppression in the workplace, recognise injustices and stand up for themselves and others.  

Your donation today to support a Cafe will help more women overcome exploitation at work and thrive in their lives.

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