Help women bearing the brunt of climate change

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Climate change is ravaging communities around the world. Extreme weather conditions like droughts, floods, and cyclones are driving communities further into poverty.

Women and girls bear the brunt. They’re forced to drop out of school to provide for their families. They’re being exposed to early marriage, violence and female genital mutilation. We’re scaling up our work in climate affected areas to ensure women are supported as the impact of climate change increases.

Will you become a monthly supporter and help women survive in climate affected areas?

Your support could help: 

  • Scale up support for women to prepare and respond to climate-related emergencies
  • Provide training on new farming methods that will help women adapt to climate change and provide for their families
  • Campaign for the Australian Government to reduce carbon emissions and increase climate financing in line with its global responsibilities
  • Expose the harmful impacts of Australian fossil fuel companies overseas that are expanding operations and impacting some of the poorest communities globally 
  • Promote just and sustainable alternatives that promote resilience

Become a monthly supporter and help ensure women are supported to survive through climate change?