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While fashion brands continued making a profit during the pandemic, women are left wearing the cost of unjust labour practices.

Sexual harassment and gender-based violence are rife on factory floors. In Bangladesh, 80% of garment workers have seen or experienced sexual violence or harassment in their workplace.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Since joining ActionAid’s Workers Cafe in Bangladesh women like Rahima have learnt about their rights and have the confidence to fight for them at work.

Will you please make a donation to empower women to stand up to violence they face at work? Donate now.

How you help

Understanding her rights

Many garment workers arrive from rural areas with little awareness of their legal rights – leaving them open to exploitation by factory owners.

Workers Cafes give women access to the resources they need to negotiate fair pay and conditions.

A community of support

Between household chores and gruelling factory shifts, many women become isolated, exhausted and cut off from support networks.

Workers Cafes provide peer education and much needed social connections, leading to a new, powerful network of women leaders.

Real change on the ground

ActionAid’s understanding of the local context means our network of Cafes has a real impact on a worker’s ability to claim her rights.

Tailored training, counselling and legal support means women are empowered to push back against exploitation.