Stop Clothes being Made in Misery

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Millions of women across Bangladesh go to work each day in fear and misery, facing the risk of exploitation.  

10 years after the Rana Plaza collapse put the abuses and dangers of the ready made garment industry on front pages across the world, women continue to work at risk – of exploitation, harassment and gender-based violence.  

You can support women as they stand up and demand an end to exploitation and violence in the garment industry. Donate now

An industry built on exploitation.

There are thousands of ready-made garment factories across Bangladesh, some housing up to 10,000 women workers on any given day. The workers regularly work 12 to 16 hour shifts, six days a week

These women go to work at risk of violence, abuse and exploitation. The conditions they work in are the result of unrelenting pressure, and inhuman work practices.  

Without the guarantees of sick leave or paid time away, women must work through illness, grief and pregnancy to collect their pay. They are forced to put their lives on the line to earn a livelihood.  

You can support women as they stand up and demand safety and security in the garment industry. Your donation will help women build strength and skills to end their exploitation. 

Stopping violence at work starts with us.  

ActionAid is committed to supporting solutions by women, for women. And that means, bringing women together in safety, where they work.  

By supporting the establishment and running of Women’s Cafes, we have created the foundation of education, empowerment and self-determination in the communities ready, and able to drive change.  

These innovative cafes have already empowered 813,745 workers, employed in 1,100 garment factories and 65 tannery and leather plants, to claim their rights to decent work. 

But there are millions of women still working in exploitative conditions.  

Help women garment workers end exploitation and violence in Bangladesh.  

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