Want to learn how you can create impact and achieve transformational change for women across the globe? Are you passionate about demanding action from profitable brands like Nike and Just Group who have abandoned the women who make their clothes during the COVID-19 crisis?

Join activists from across your state for a day of grassroots training! We will skill you up in everything you need to know about ActionAid Australia’s #SheWearsTheCost campaign, as well as gain invaluable skills in organising actions and movement building.

The #SheWearstheCost campaign is demanding Australian and international fashion brands to uphold workers’ rights, pay workers a fair wage and ensure garment factories comply with safety standards.  

ActionAid is campaigning to demand brands like Nike to #RespectLabourRights and #PayYourWorkers. Join our training if you: 

  • Are passionate about women’s rights and social justice; 
  • Want to engage and inspire your local community to demand action from garment brands who have pushed the financial costs onto the women who make their clothes; and 
  • Have the capacity to commit to supporting ActionAid Australia’s #SheWearsTheCost actions in your community for at least 2 hours a week, for a minimum of 6 months. 


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What is #SheWearstheCost?

The global fashion industry is one of the largest employers of women workers in low-income countries. There are 35 million women garment workers worldwide – women make up 80% of garment workers across the globe – and many of the clothes sold in Australian stores are made by women in countries like China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.  

The fashion industry has provided new employment opportunities for women in low-income countries. However, it is also plagued by exploitation, with poverty wages and poor working conditions entrenched across the industry. The situation has only gotten worse since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic – while Australian and international fashion brands continue to cash in huge profits, women garment workers are left wearing the cost. 

Last year, activists across Australia organised film screenings, community stalls and flyer actions to pressure big fashion brands to step up for the women who make their clothes.  

Join us as we demand that brands step up and uphold the rights of the women who make their clothes.