We are fighting for a world in which women in low-income communities are more resilient to climate change and have access to justice.

This includes supporting women from affected communities to adapt to climate change by increasing their access to resources and decision-making at all levels. It also means promoting the voices and leadership of women affected by climate impacts and fossil fuel extraction to lead the climate justice movement.

We also campaign for the Australian Government to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon emissions and replacing economic and energy systems that cause environmental destruction and inequality, with just alternatives.

Why climate justice for women?

Climate change exacerbates pre-existing gender inequalities. Women are the hardest hit when climate change threatens essential natural resources (like food and water supplies), and they are most at risk during climate disasters, yet have the least access to justice and reparations for the impacts that occur.

What is ActionAid doing about it?

We’re working in solidarity with women around the world - from South Africa to Vanuatu - to advance climate justice by replacing systems that cause environmental destruction and inequality, with more just alternatives. We’re also supporting women to build resilience and adapt to climate change, while driving policies that mitigate and reduce its impacts.

How can you help?

Take action for climate justice, by supporting women in South Africa putting everything on the line to stand up against an Australian-run coal mines, or chip in to support our incredible, women-run programs for climate justice.

Together we've supported 10,000 women in 14 countries to achieve positive change. Watch this video to find out what that means for climate justice!


Call on the Australian Government to take action on fossil fuels!

Australia now has more mining companies operating in Africa than any other country including many coal, oil and gas projects. Australia also has one of the largest mining footprints in the world. Without stronger regulation, women’s rights are at risk.

Find out more and take action today!


What we're doing to achieve climate justice for women

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