Board Member - Digital

ActionAid Australia is looking for a new Director to join the ActionAid Board in the role of Board Member – Digital.



Position Title: Board Member – Digital

Position Type: Volunteer


ActionAid Australia is a global women’s rights organisation working to end poverty and injustice in over 45 countries worldwide.  It is part of a global federation with members across Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

ActionAid Australia empowers women on the frontlines of injustice to work together and transform their communities. From empowering women with the tools to campaign for improved working conditions, or building women’s capacity to respond to climate disasters, our programs support women living in poverty and exclusion, and their communities.

In Australia, we stand in solidarity with women globally by fundraising and campaigning. We fundraise to get women the resources they need to lead change for gender equality and social justice. We mobilise a community activist network, campaigning to hold the Australian Government and corporations accountable for their impact on the rights of women living in poverty and exclusion around the world.

ActionAid Australia is currently looking for a board member with expertise in one or more of the following areas: digital marketing, digital strategy and/or digital fundraising.


The Board’s role is to governActionAid Australia.  It defines the strategic outcomes, ensures adequate resources are available, and reviews the organisation’s progress and performance in achieving its strategic outcomes.  Board members are elected as individuals and collectively act and govern in the best interests of ActionAid Australia as a whole.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that ActionAid Australia has the policies, structures and processes in place to enable it to achieve its key strategic outcomes.  It is also responsible for ensuring that ActionAid Australia adopts sound financial practices and remains financially viable, has sound management practices, and is compliant with all legal and statutory obligations and ethical principles.

The key responsibilities of board as are whole are outlined below:

  • Determine organisation’s purpose
  • Set long-term strategy
  • Guard the organisation’s values
  • Ensure organisation complies with law and good development NGO practice
  • Ensure the organisation gives priority to health, safety and security of employees and volunteers
  • Ensure the organisation has an appropriately qualified Executive Director, provides them with support and regularly reviews their performance
  • Ensure the organisation’s resources are protected and managed effectively and maintain financial integrity
  • Ensure complete accountability to rights holders, donors and other stakeholders
  • Enhance ActionAid’s public image
  • Contribute to reviewing Board processes and performance
  • Ensure ActionAid Australia plays an influential and exemplary role as an Affiliate of ActionAid International


The board member currently under recruitment will play a specific role in board oversight of the organisation’s strategy to grow profile and engagement with Australians using digital tools and channels. The incumbent will specifically contribute strategic thinking to the board and management around digital marketing and digital fundraising strategy to elevate the ActionAid brand, grow resources through online channels and support innovation in our revenue models. The ideal candidate would also support the organization to leverage partnerships in the tech space to help drive impact with the women we work with. The board has a set of behaviours that guide its culture and board members are expected to support the work of ActionAid, participating in events, promoting the organisation’s work and contributing financially and inkind.


  • Commitment to the vision and mission of ActionAid Australia and its efforts to advance women’s rights and end poverty and injustice
  • Previous board experience and/or have completed the AICD course
  • Digital marketing and/or digital fundraising expertise
  • Proven strategic thinking capability


  • ActionAid Board meetings are generally held four times per year, with two meetings in person in Sydney on a Saturday and two meetings online

Interested applicants should submit their CV and a brief cover letter to [email protected] by Sunday 15th October. Queries can be directed to the Executive Director [email protected] or Board Chair, Belinda Morrissey at board [email protected]