ActionAid’s research into the impact of mining on women’s lives has shown that this industry has profound and adverse effects on women’s land rights, food security, health, levels of unpaid care work, likelihood of experiencing violence, and sexual and reproductive rights.

Undertaken with support from the Australian Government as part of the Australian NGO Cooperation Scheme, this project worked to empower women leaders in mining-affected communities in Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, to engage with and influence government officials and mining companies on policies, laws and strategies that will protect their rights.

This project seeks to ensure women’s and community leadership in the extractives industry, enabling women to demand better practice within the mining industry. The project also supports women to learn from each other and strengthen their collective voice to influence and engage with institutions invested in mining, such as the African Union.


The project works with women and their communities to increase their capacity to claim and protect their human rights by articulating their aspirations and developing people-centred mining charters. Our goal is to see women and their communities in Eastern and Southern Africa have greater decision-making power and control over natural resources.


Project Summary: Towards a People Centred Mining Agreement



Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe


July 2017- December 2020

Our Partners:

ActionAid Uganda, ActionAid Kenya, ActionAid South Africa

This project is supported by the Australian Government, ActionAid Australia and Green and Global Alliance


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