Evaluation Report: REALISE

Executive Summary:


ActionAid Afghanistan implemented REALISE project funded by Australian Afghanistan Community Resilience Scheme (AACRS) through ActionAid Australia from 2014 to 2018. The final evaluation of this project was initiated and TOR in this regard was generated by both ActionAid Afghanistan and ActionAid Australia in Oct 2018. This report summarises the results of this evaluation.

The project aimed to enhance the resilience of rural communities to shocks and seasonal constraints to achieve food and livelihoods security of vulnerable families living 97 communities in 6 districts of 3 provinces of Afghanistan namely Balkh (Kaldar, Dawlatabaddistricts), Jawzjan (Shibergan and Khammab districts) and Bamyan (Yakawalang and Punjab districts).

Expected outcomes of this project were:

  • Improvement of food and nutritional security of the targeted vulnerable households
  • Increase in economic asset base of these families
  • Enhance ability of  vulnerable groups to influence the decision making regarding food security and livelihoods at village, district, provincial and national level.


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REALISE Evaluation Report


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