Free trade deals are almost always rigged in favour of multinational corporations, at the expense of everyday people.

We know that free trade has significant negative impacts for women’s rights and gender equality around the world. That’s why we’re taking action to transform trade for women.

As part of ActionAid’s international campaign focusing on women’s decent work, unpaid labour, and access to public services, in Australia we’re focusing our efforts on stopping the Australian Government from signing another dodgy trade deal before it’s too late. 

This trade deal is called RCEP:  the ‘Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.’ If implemented, it will trade women’s rights for corporate rights and negatively impact gender equality around the world. But people power can win over corporate power if we come together to stop RCEP. Will you join us?

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What is RCEP, and why do we need to stop it?

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The Australian Government is considering signing a dodgy new trade deal that gives huge power to big corporations at the expense of women and their...