Women worldwide have the right to access decent work and control over productive resources.

Whilst also having their enormous contributions to unpaid work valued and recognised. Too often this is not the case – largely because of unjust taxation systems that benefit corporations and the economic elite, leaving governments in low-income countries unable to fund vital public services for women.  

The time for a feminist revolution of the global economy is now.

That’s why we’re working in solidarity with women living in poverty and exclusion for more just economic policies, a more equitable redistribution of resources and for corporations to pay their fair share of tax in low-income countries.

Why economic justice?

Women make up 70% of those living in poverty. Women are denied access to and control over vital public resources, like land and income, which strips them of their human rights, dignity and agency

What is ActionAid doing about it?

We are working in solidarity with women around the world - from Uganda to Cambodia - to access markets and demand decent work and labour rights. We want to see women’s unpaid work recognised, revalued and redistributed.

How can you help?

Join our campaign for women’s economic justice and stop mining companies dodging their tax in low-income countries, or donate to programs like Safe Cities in Cambodia, or Women’s Protection Centres in Uganda, that are securing women’s labour rights and livelihoods.

Together we've supported 500,000 women in 17 countries to achieve positive change. Watch this video to find out what that means for economic justice!

Sign our petition

Call on the Australian Government to take action on fossil fuels!

Australia now has more mining companies operating in Africa than any other country including many coal, oil and gas projects. Australia also has one of the largest mining footprints in the world. Without stronger regulation, women’s rights are at risk. Find out more and take action today!

What we're doing to achieve economic justice for women

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Make a donation today and support justice for mining-affected communities

Women in the town of Phola, South Africa, are putting everything on the line to stand up to an Australian-run coal mine in their community. With your support, we can continue to stand behind women, as they claim economic justice for themselves, and for women everywhere.