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Climate change has caused weather patterns to change in countries like Kenya. Over the last few years drought has wreaked havoc on farming families.

Parents have been forced to take their daughters out of school, destroying their chance of an education.

Years of drought have now given way to terrible floods bringing fresh challenges for rural communities with crops washed away before they can be harvested. As always, women and girls are the most affected. They are forced to walk long distances in search of food and water and are vulnerable to violent attacks. Young girls are married off early because their families can’t afford support them.

Will you stand with women in Kenya COME RAIN OR SHINE?

**Though our current appeal focuses on women in drought-affected Kenya, climate change is a global issue and ActionAid Australia stands in solidarity with Australian farmers currently facing extreme drought conditions and hardship. We understand that some donors may be unable to support our current appeal, and prefer to support Australian farmers at this time.

Here are some ways you can support our local Australian farmers as suggested by the ABC.

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