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Pressure is building on Australian mining company South32 to address the impacts of their coal mine on the community of Phola in South Africa.

Now is the time to ramp it up and prove the women of Phola have a powerful movement behind them.

Will you help bring the women to Australia so they can build support for their campaign to hold South32 to account?

We have 7 days to crowdfund $3,400 which will cover the cost of their flights from South Africa.  Chip in today!


Australian mining company South32 operates the Klipspruit coal mine in South Africa, just a few kilometres away from the community of Phola. 

Women in Phola are deeply concerned by the impacts of mining on their community. They have launched a year-long investigation to document the truth about the Klipspruit mine – and already they’ve brought to light some disturbing results.

Now, two women leaders from Phola want to come to Australia to build support for their campaign and ramp up pressure on South32 to take action. But it’s up to all of us to make it happen.

Chip in today to help the women travel to Australia and turn up the heat on South32!


Photos and footage by Collen Mfazwe/ActionAid