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The bushfire crisis has brought home the reality of the climate crisis to us all. But Australia isn’t alone.

Right now millions of people across southern and eastern Africa are facing starvation, with the worst drought the region has seen in 35 years. And women and girls are among those most affected. 

When there’s no shelter or clean water, or when a family member gets sick from the impacts of fossil fuel mining, women are forced to bear the burden. 

There’s never been a more important time to fight for immediate climate action from the Australian Government.

Will you chip in just $4 a week so we can continue the long fight for climate justice with affected women and communities?

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  • Confront CEOs at investor meetings with banners, flyers, and stunts, demanding they listen to the voices of women and their communities
  • Support local women’s groups overseas to get their voices heard to drive climate solutions in their communities 
  • Bring out women leaders from affected communities so politicians can hear first-hand the impacts of fossil fuel extraction by Australian companies 
  • And much more!