Send a message to the Matildas asking them to stand with Cambodian garment workers

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The FIFA Women’s World Cup is a huge moment for women. It’s been a joy to see the Matildas shine, the huge turn-outs, and women’s sport reported on with respect.

We have a rare opportunity to channel this excitement into the kind of solidarity that empowers all women. 

1,284 women garment workers — who made clothes for Nike — have been fighting for three years for their legally owed severance pay of US$1.4 million, after their factory in Cambodia closed abruptly during COVID. Since then, many have been forced to take on unbearable debts to cover essentials like feeding their families and paying rent, while Nike continues to rake in huge profits. 

These women garment workers have been sending messages to key players and teams during the World Cup, asking them to take solidarity action by telling Nike to pay their workers.

Can you pass on a message from the former Violet Apparel workers to the Matildas, wishing them luck and asking them to take up the case with Nike?

The Matildas have shown real power, determination and teamwork on and off the field — in their victories during the tournament and in their collective bargaining wins for better working conditions. Join us in showing them how much it means to us all, and asking them to extend their solidarity to garment workers in Cambodia.