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As Australia recovers from the months-long bushfire crisis, the Australian Government continues to stand by the fossil fuels industry.

We’re the world’s highest carbon emitters per capita among all wealthy countries and 3rd largest exporter of fossil fuels. ActionAid’s research shows that the potential carbon emissions of projects by Australian fossil fuel corporations in low-income countries are actually increasing.

And women are the hardest hit.

These corporations have made little to no progress over the last year on reducing their global fossil fuel footprint. And they show no signs of slowing down.

Off the back of this research we need your help to ramp up efforts to:

  • Stop the Australian Government from financing new fossil fuel projects overseas
  • Urge Australian companies to take responsibility for their impacts on women and our climate
  • And support local women’s groups in affected communities overseas to ensure their voices and leadership are driving climate solutions.
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