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A secret trade deal that will give even more power to global corporations at the expense of women’s rights was just finalised.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) could erode women’s rights at work; threaten their access to crucial, life-saving medicines; and increase unpaid labour.

But we still have a chance to stop Australia giving it the final green light.

Labor MPs, Senators and the crossbench, are divided over the trade deal because of the potential harm they do to workers.

If you donate today we’ll:

  • Organise a media attention grabbing action at Parliament House to ramp up the pressure on MPs and Senators to block this deal
  • Help deliver the names of over 18,000 people like you who have signed our petition
  • Turn out activists, and mobilise supporters across the country to make calls and write letters to Labor and crossbench Senators to stand up for women’s rights and not the rights of big global corporations.
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