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Violence against women is a global epidemic – it impacts 1 in 3 women.

Millicent is one of them, the survivor of a horrific acid attack by her husband. In her country of Uganda, more than half of the women will experience violence in their lifetime.

Without being able to earn their own income, women often have no choice but to stay in violent situations.  But when women are financially empowered, it increases their ability to leave and claim their rights.

Around the world women and girls are speaking up to demand change. ActionAid is supporting women in countries like Uganda who are no longer accepting violence as ‘a part of life’.

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What we are doing

ActionAid Women Protection Centres are providing women with both immediate and long term solutions to combat violence.

Short term

  • A safe place to stay, where women can access protection from violent situations.
  • Immediate support and counselling to help women heal from trauma, and be empowered to move forward with their lives.
  • Legal support to help women access justice against perpetrators.

Long term

  • Train women on new skills, which can help them earn their own income and become financially independent.
  • Support women with loan schemes helping them own their own businesses.
  • Give survivors the confidence to report incidences of violence to the police through public education.