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ActionAid exists to amplify women’s voices and bring them to the fore. If we’re all to be equal, we have to put women first.

Why you should support ActionAid to empower women

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  • Fund ActionAid’s work empowering women living in poverty
  • Give women in low-income countries the skills to generate their own income
  • Educate women on their rights and train them to take the lead in their life and community.

We aren’t afraid of the F-Word… Feminism

Feminism means we believe women are equal to men. As a proud feminist organisation, ActionAid focuses on women, both globally and right here in Australia. The world is full of strong, smart women who can lead us into an equal future. But too many of their voices aren’t being heard.

We need your ongoing support to redress the balance and bring women’s rights to the fore. Is this something you want to support?

Yes, I believe the future is equality for women.