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Right now, in countries like Bangladesh, jobs are in short supply. Women garment workers are forced to endure violence and exploitation for fear of losing their only means of feeding their families. 

To make matters worse, poor wages means they struggle to cover their basic living costs, forcing them to work excessive overtime up to six days a week.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Just $10 could help fund a Workers Cafe so women garment workers like Rahima can access the advice and training they need to stand up to exploitation.

Since joining ActionAid’s Workers Cafe in Bangladesh Rahima has learnt about labour laws, her workers’ rights and gained the confidence to stand up for them.

 “I gained back my confidence to work after I attended the Cafe. Now I want to help other younger women, so they never have to go through what I had faced.”Rahima

Your donation today can help give a worker who has experienced unfair dismissal, sexual violence,or harassment a safe space to go for support.

Nasima hears many women’s stories of abuse and violence in the garment industry in her managerial role at the Kalyanpur Café, Safety and Rights Society in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka.

“The  workers  come to share the stories that they cannot share with anyone else. The cafes serve as safe spaces for them,” she said.

Please donate now and help empower women to stand up to the violence and exploitation they face at work.