Demand big brands protect worker's rights

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Do you believe that women should be safe at work? Then join the call to get big fashion brands to put people before profits in Bangladesh. 

Every single day, many of the women who make our clothes have no choice but to work in unsafe conditions. Just last year, 128 people died in workplace incidents in garment factories. 

Are your clothes worth someone losing their life?

Help put pressure on big brands like the Iconic and Best&Less to sign on to the International Accord and commit to making sure the factories they use are safe.

165 international brands have already signed up. It’s time for the Iconic and Best&Less to step up.

We need to act now to help save lives before another disaster happens. 

The worst disaster in history was the 2013 Rana Plaza factory building collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed 1,100 workers and injured a further 2,600.

Together you can help make a real difference by telling brands that it’s no longer acceptable to put profits over worker safety. 

Act now. Show the world you care about workers’ rights and sign the petition today.