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Climate change is impacting communities worldwide. This summer we’ve faced catastrophic bushfires in Australia. Right now, millions are on the brink of starvation in Southern Africa due to ongoing drought.


For low-income families, when crops fail, they must find other ways to provide food. Poverty and hardship mean that young girls are often traded as wives to strangers, their dowries bringing the money to feed their brothers and sisters.

Girls are the first to drop out of school and give up their futures.

Will you make an urgent donation and support girls to receive an education? Your support could help families fight the impact of climate change and help young girls finish their schooling and change their future.

What we are doing

ActionAid knows that when a girl receives an education, it can transform her whole community. Girls are likely to grow into women who are economically independent, can choose when to marry and become leaders in their community. By supporting women to build resilience to the changing climate,ActionAid is helping make sure the next generation of girls can stay in school and fulfil their potential.

ActionAid is working with women in Kenya to adapt their farming practices so they can withstand the frequent droughts and floods. Supporting women to earn a sustainable income from their land means they can keep their girls in school.

“My father didn’t see the need of me going to school. The role of a girl was to get married and leave the house. I would have gone to school if I had the opportunity.” – Bahati



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