Support women battling climate change overseas!

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This week we have an opportunity to bring the voices of women overseas battling climate change to the Australian Government’s attention – but we need your help to do it.

All around the country on Saturday 22 February, people are coming together to demand strong climate action from our government.

After a catastrophic summer of bushfires, the call is stronger than ever. But we’re not alone in experiencing these impacts. And as a wealthy country that has accelerated the climate crisis through our addiction to fossil fuels, the National Day of Action is a key moment to demand our Government scales up support to affected women and their communities, particularly those in low-income countries.

We’re planning to make a splash at the National Day of Action; we’ll march with big placards showing the faces and quotes of women overseas who are demanding Australia step up its responsibility.

But we can only pull this off with the help of incredible ActionAid supporters like you. Will you chip in just $25 to help pay for a powerful placard today?