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Women in the town of Phola, South Africa, are putting everything on the line to stand up to an Australian-run coal mine in their community. 

They’ve come up with a plan to take justice into their own hands and investigate the impacts they’re experiencing so they can hold the mining company to account. But they need your support to fund the investigation. Will you chip in today?

If we can raise $25,000 to support the women in Phola, they will be able to complete their investigation into the Australian-run coal mine in their community.

Here’s what your contribution would make possible:

  • $12 would cover mobile phone costs to arrange meetings with the broader community to develop a unified strategy for the investigation
  • $21 could transport 10 local women to a critical training to skill-up in how to conduct the investigation and then train other members of the community
  • $55 would cover the running costs of the Greater Phola Ogies Women’s Forum for one week – and $110 would support their running costs for two weeks.

It’s our responsibility to prove that we’ll stand with the women of Phola when it matters most. Thanks for taking action by chipping in today!

UPDATE: In June 2018 we ran a 10 day crowdfunder to quickly raise $5,000 to help the women of Phola get their investigation started. Generous supporters chipped in to reach $9,000, which will cover the investigation costs for the first five months of the project.  To support the women of Phola to complete their 12 month investigation and then launch a campaign based on the findings, we upped the goal to $25,000. This crowdfunder has now concluded and the women will be releasing the results of their investigation soon.

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