Dual Crises in Vanuatu: Coronavirus and a Cyclone

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On top of the oncoming threat of coronavirus, the people of Vanuatu are rebuilding their lives after the devastation of Tropical Cyclone Harold.

160,000 people were affected as the cyclone hit the north of the country including Santo, Vanuatu’s biggest island.

As a result severe flooding has destroyed homes, livelihoods and contaminated water supplies.

Communities are now trying to rebuild while also staying safe from coronavirus. ActionAid is supporting women to lead their communities in both efforts.

We need your urgent support so we can:

  1. Establish women-friendly spaces in three affected locations where they can access dignity kits, psychosocial support and critical information
  2. Support Women Wetem Weta (Women’s Weather Watch) to enable local women to deliver information to their communities and give feedback on their local needs
  3. Support women’s collectives to drive community-based protection for those at risk of violence

Your support at this time is more important than ever. You can help make this not just a chance for recovery, but lasting change.

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