Stand with the women who make your clothes!

1,200 Cambodian women garment workers lost their jobs during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic when their factory, owned by Ramatex, abruptly shut down. They were never paid their full wages and benefits, yet they were making products for one of the richest brands in the world: Nike.

Almost 2 years on, Nike still has not paid the US$343,000 in severance and wages and over US$1 million in damages owed to these garment workers.

It’s time to take action against Nike and get them to listen to women garment workers!

You can join this global campaign by sending a message to Nike executives now – and it will only take a few minutes!

Your message to Nike demanding them to respect the women who make their clothes is ready to go – just add your name and email address.

Note: your email will also be sent to senior executives at Matalan, a major British retailer that also sourced its products from Ramatex, the owner of the the now closed Violet Apparel factory.