We work across 70 countries and represent a global movement of women standing together to claim their human rights and campaign against injustice.



Around the world, we partner with local women’s organisations, who know exactly what changes their communities need – and we support them to design and lead programs that will make those changes happen. From empowering women with the tools to campaign for safer cities, or building women’s capacity to respond to climate disasters, our programs support women living in poverty and exclusion, and their communities.

In Australia, we stand in solidarity with women globally by fundraising and campaigning. We fundraise to get women the resources they need to lead change for gender equality and social justice. We mobilise a community activist network, campaigning to hold the Australian Government and corporations accountable for their impact on the rights of women living in poverty and exclusion around the world.


What we do.

1. Where We Work

We currently run women's rights programs across 14 countries to empower women living in poverty and exclusion to claim their human rights and demand justice for themselves, and for women everywhere.

2. Ways to Give

We fundraise to get women the resources they need to lead change for gender equality and social justice, and help empower the women we work with to create sustainable, equitable change in their communities.

3. Our Movement

We have built a nation-wide community activist network who campaign to hold the Australian Government and corporations accountable for their impact on the rights of women living in exclusion around the globe.

The women we work with.

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How we work.

Find out more about our three priority areas, our history and our Human Rights Based Approach.

Where we work.


We’re supporting women to farm using sustainable, climate-resilient methods, and come together in collectives to access their rights, and empower themselves and each other.


We’re supporting women to lead the ongoing recovery from the 2015 Nepal earthquakes, ensuring the protection of women’s rights and psycho-social support for those continuing to experience trauma.


We’re supporting women to lead initiatives that increase the resilience of vulnerable communities to the risk of future disasters.


We’re supporting community leaders to implement positive social change in their communities, and are connecting women clothing producers to global markets through an innovative social enterprise.


We’re supporting women to create and campaign for safe urban environments. We’re also supporting communities to become more resilient to future disasters and campaign for their land rights.

The Philippines

We’re supporting women to build the resilience of their communities to climate change and increasing emergencies, and to mobilise around protection of women’s rights.


We supported the ongoing local and women-led recovery from Cyclone Winston, and through the Shifting the Power Coalition are supporting women from across the Pacific to engage with local, regional, national and international humanitarian actors to promote women’s leadership.


We’re supporting forums for women and girls to advocate for their rights, as well as provide leadership in emergencies and preparing for disasters.


We’re building a movement of Australians who campaign, organise, and fundraise in solidarity with women around the world fighting for their rights in the face of poverty and injustice.


We’re working to protect the rights of women mine workers, and are supporting women farmers to campaign for their rights and access protection centres.


In Indonesia, we are working alongside YAPPIKA-ActionAid to strengthen the resilience of disaster-affected communities through women’s leadership in sustainable disaster recovery programs.


We’re supporting women to campaign for their economic rights and opportunities, ensuring they have access to sustainable livelihoods.


We’re supporting women to lead the response and recovery efforts following Hurricane Mathew.


ActionAid’s women-led humanitarian response to Hurricane Matthew supported women and the most vulnerable members of Grand Anse to secure their safety and train in women’s rights and protection.


We’re supporting women in communities to build their influence and leadership in response to climate crisis, and to demand their land rights.

South Africa

We are supporting women and their communities in Eastern and Southern Africa to have greater decision-making power and control over natural resources, and to develop people-centred mining charters.

South Africa

We’re supporting women and their communities to increase their capacity to claim and protect their human rights by articulating their aspirations and developing people-centred mining charters.

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What we're trying to achieve.

We're working with movements of women around the world to achieve:

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