Women leaders are breaking the cycle of violence

This holiday season, will you support women like Florence, Hameria and Harriet who are breaking the cycle of violence?

It’s been another tough year for us all, but women are leading their communities into a better future.

Did you know that 51% of all women in Uganda aged 15-49 have experienced violence in their lifetime? 

Uganda isn’t always a safe place to be a woman, but leaders like Florence are changing that. 

This holiday season, we’re supporting women with skills, knowledge and resources so they can break the cycle of violence in their communities. 

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Florence is the Executive Director of the emergency shelter she once fled to. 

When she was only 18, Florence left her violent husband and joined ActionAid’s women’s group in Kampala Uganda. 

Back then, the group was made up of just 10 women. 

Now, with Florence’s passion and leadership, the group has grown to a network of 400 members, with seven staff and 35 volunteers. 

But her work doesn’t stop in the office. At home, she’s a proud mother of 15 children, two biological and 13 adopted. 

Florence has supported countless survivors to get back on their feet and now raises her own children to learn about and uphold women’s rights.

“Violence against women stops with me,” she reminds us. 


Hameria is a symbol of hope for the next generation of women. 

Being Florence’s adopted daughter, Hameria was raised with knowledge of her rights and the confidence to defend them. 

“Florence always told me stand up for yourself, stand up for what you think is right,” she says with pride.

Hameria and her friends call themselves the Power Girls, they attend ActionAid’s women’s group and carry out Florence’s work by educating their own peers on women’s rights.

When young women like Hameria stand up to violence and discrimination, society can start to transform for generations to come.

With your support, ActionAid’s women’s groups can continue empowering young women like Hameria. 


Like many women in Uganda, Harriet married young with hopes for a better life. 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. 

Instead, the man Harriet married became violent and she experienced 14 years of battering and abuse from him. He forced her to care for the children alone and didn’t help pay for food or school fees.

Things changed when Harriet was referred to ActionAid’s women’s shelter in Kampala, Uganda. 

At the shelter, women like Florence supported Harriet back to health, they counselled her and gave her a shoulder to lean on. Harriet stayed there for a while and took part in a livelihoods training where she learnt to make reusable sanitary pads. She also received a loan to help her start a business. 

With new skills and a small loan, Harriet became a national trainer, teaching young women around the country how to sew reusable sanitary pads. 

Now, she’s provided over 22,000 girls and counting with skills so they too can earn an income and be independent.

This Christmas, you can help women like Florence, Hameria and Harriet break the cycle of violence. Please donate today. 

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