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We’re supporting women to farm using sustainable, climate-resilient methods, and come together in collectives to access their rights, and empower themselves and each other.


We’re supporting women to lead the ongoing recovery from the 2015 Nepal earthquakes, ensuring the protection of women’s rights and psycho-social support for those continuing to experience trauma.


We’re supporting women to lead initiatives that increase the resilience of vulnerable communities to the risk of future disasters.


We’re supporting community leaders to implement positive social change in their communities, and are connecting women clothing producers to global markets through an innovative social enterprise.


We’re supporting women to create and campaign for safe urban environments. We’re also supporting communities to become more resilient to future disasters and campaign for their land rights.

The Philippines

We’re supporting women to build the resilience of their communities to climate change and increasing emergencies, and to mobilise around protection of women’s rights.


We supported the ongoing local and women-led recovery from Cyclone Winston, and through the Shifting the Power Coalition are supporting women from across the Pacific to engage with local, regional, national and international humanitarian actors to promote women’s leadership.


We’re supporting forums for women and girls to advocate for their rights, as well as provide leadership in emergencies and preparing for disasters.


We’re building a movement of Australians who campaign, organise, and fundraise in solidarity with women around the world fighting for their rights in the face of poverty and injustice.


We’re working to protect the rights of women mine workers, and are supporting women farmers to campaign for their rights and access protection centres.


We’re supporting women farmers in Pakistan to build sustainable livelihoods and access safe spaces where they can meet, learn and take action to claim their rights.


We’re supporting women to campaign for their economic rights and opportunities, ensuring they have access to sustainable livelihoods.


We’re supporting women to lead the response and recovery efforts following Hurricane Mathew.

South Africa

We’re working with activist groups in South Africa led by local women who have been affected by Australia’s mining industry.


With support from the Intrepid Foundation, we’re working with women in Harare to raise awareness of their rights and supports them to amplify their voices on the issues they face when trying to access public transport.


We are supporting women-led advocacy and tracking of county governments’ investment in disaster preparedness, protection and resilience building. And we are supporting women to engage key stakeholders in the region’s response to drought and climate change, including the county government and the national government, to make sure women’s voices are heard and their needs accounted for.


We’re supporting women to lead the response and recovery efforts following Hurricane Mathew.

South Africa

Around the world women and their communities are standing up for climate justice, and we can support them by demanding the Australian Government hold our mining companies accountable for their operations overseas.We are working with local women in South Africa to stand up to australian mining companies. Find out more!

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