ActionAid partner Al-Awda hospital hit by bombing, killing three doctors


We are horrified to learn that Al-Awda hospital in the north of Gaza, a partner of ActionAid, has yesterday been hit by bombing. Three doctors were killed after the fourth floor of the building was hit, Al-Awda has confirmed.

In a statement, Al-Awda said that it “adhered to the medical and health principles and practices in times of conflicts and war” and that “only medical personnel, patients and the injured” were inside the hospital. It called on the international community to provide a safe corridor for the evacuation of patients and medical staff.

While we are still awaiting further information, our position is in no doubt. This bombing of Al-Awda is yet another potential breach of international humanitarian law in a crisis where the rights of patients to access lifesaving care are being violated daily. Healthcare workers, ambulances, and hospitals are never a legitimate target – they must not only be respected but also protected under international law.

Despite running out of fuel more than a week ago, the hospital has been continuing to treat sick and injured people in the north of Gaza. It is the only remaining hospital in the north to provide maternity services, and – against all odds – has been delivering around 20 babies per day, despite lacking sufficient medical supplies and equipment.

We reiterate, once again, our calls for an immediate ceasefire to end the suffering of the people of Gaza. 


For more information and interviews with spokespeople, please contact: Tim Brunero, 0405 285 547 / [email protected]