Annual Report 2011


2011 was dominated by a series of world events that pierced our consciousness – the food crisis in the Horn of Africa, the Eurozone financial crisis and the violence throughout the Middle East in response to the events of the Arab Spring to name a few.

In spite of this uncertain global environment we have continued to benefit from the generous support of the Australian public.

This support was demonstrated in a number of ways from the signatures collected during our Last Famine campaign that focused on East Africa to the generous financial contributions we have received for our work. Our total revenue for the year was a pleasing $9.8 million, which shows a growing commitment from the Australian public and the Australian government.

What's in our 2011 Annual Report?

In this Report, we spoke about our move to a human rights based approach (HRBA), and the ways we are campaigning for change in Africa. We shared Suheila’s story of starting a sheep rearing business in Palestine, and the East Africa Crisis that affected 12 million people.

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