Annual Report 2019

In 2019, we celebrated 10 years of ActionAid in Australia. Building on a legacy that began in 1967 as Austcare, the past decade has seen ActionAid Australia support more than one million women to claim their rights and campaign against the injustice they face.


During this time, we have fostered ActionAid’s work in countries like Palestine and Vanuatu where global solidarity has never been more important and we have pioneered new models of collaboration in the Pacific to support women’s leadership in response to disasters and climate change. Globally, we have embarked on an ambitious effort to mobilise support for women on the frontlines of crisis through the Arise Fund. 

We have stepped up efforts to campaign against the structural drivers of poverty and injustice. This has included campaigning for Australia to reduce carbon emissions and tracking the footprint of Australian mining companies globally. It has also focused on preventing the exploitation of women’s labour in global supply chains by transforming trade for women, and campaigning for better mechanisms for addressing the human rights impacts of Australian companies. We continue to grow our activist community, which is driving creative and impactful campaigns from the ground up. 

With extreme poverty growing in Africa and less than 10 years to avert catastrophic climate change, and now a global health pandemic on our doorstep, our work to advance women’s rights and end poverty and injustice has never been more important. We thank you for your continued support of these efforts. 

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