Arise Impact Report 2022

As gender inequality deepens and the world’s poorest communities face cascading crises, significant and dedicated investment in women-led humanitarian responses is essential to reversing growing gender inequality. Yet too often women’s leadership during crises goes unrecognised and under resourced. 


The Arise Fund places women at the centre of emergency responses, supporting women to develop leadership skills that last a lifetime and build resilience to disasters within their community.  

Since 2017, the Arise Fund has been investing in women-led humanitarian initiatives to ensure women and local women-led organisations have the resources they need before, during and after a disaster.  

This year, we’ve empowered women from Vanuatu to the Philippines, Tonga to Ukraine, and Kenya to Indonesia to prepare for and respond to disasters. We have supported women-led inclusive disaster SMS communications in Vanuatu, increased women’s participation, and leadership in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Cambodia and the Philippines, and supported inclusive emergency responses in Tonga, Ukraine, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa. 

To date, we’ve trained 32,169 women in 20 countries in emergency response training and reached over 3 million people worldwide.  

Together we are empowering women and changing the world!