Horrific Breach of Humanitarian Law: Gaza's Al Ahli Al Arabi Al Ma'amadani Hospital Bombed

Horrific Breach of Humanitarian Law: Gaza’s Al Ahli Al Arabi Al Ma’amadani Hospital, a Civilian Sanctuary, Bombed in Single Biggest Strike in Conflict So Far 


We condemn in the strongest terms the bombing of a Gaza hospital, an egregious violation of international humanitarian law. The Gazan Health Ministry is reporting more than 500 Palestinians killed so far, many of them children, – with many more injured. Hospitals in Gaza are seen as a place of safety and refuge for many civilians seeking shelter during continuous bombardment. This compounds the already dire humanitarian situation facing so many Gazans – where can they go to be safe? It is imperative that the international community unites to hold those responsible accountable. We cannot be clearer; civilians must be protected under humanitarian law – they are not a target.

Notes to editor 

ActionAid Palestine Country Director, Nadim Zaghloul, and Wisam Shweiki, Head of Programmes at ActionAid Palestine, and Gemma Guillen Country Manager at ActionAid Spain in Palestine, are available for interview on request. 

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