Myanmar: A year of violence and unrest leaves millions of families in need of protection and support

One year on from the military takeover on 1 February 2021, Myanmar is facing a deepening humanitarian crisis as political turmoil, violence and Covid-19 push families deeper into poverty and hunger.


According to UN figures, more than a quarter of the country’s population – 14.4 million people – are in urgent need of support, including emergency food aid and protection for women and girls who are at increased risk of exploitation and sexual and gender-based violence.

Arthur Larok, Acting Secretary General of ActionAid International, says:

“The outside world cannot ignore the attacks on civilians and the escalating humanitarian crisis devastating communities across Myanmar. Women and girls are being hardest hit by the fallout of the military takeover, displacement, and economic turmoil.

“ActionAid is continuing to work through our local partners and networks, led by women and young people, to provide livelihoods support and build the resilience of communities most affected by rising hunger and insecurity.

“Myanmar’s authorities must ensure that humanitarian support can reach families in the most vulnerable situations. Fundamental human rights, including freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly, must be protected and there must be an end to attacks on civilians, protesters, and journalists.”


For more information and interviews with ActionAid spokespeople, please contact: Milly Atkinson Handley, ActionAid Australia’s Communications Officer on +61 (0)414 860238 or [email protected]