Turkey Syria earthquake: ActionAid hires in rescue equipment as death toll surpasses 11,000


Türkiye Syria earthquake: ActionAid hires in rescue equipment as death toll surpasses 11,000 and day three comes to a close  

In a race against time to save people trapped under the rubble after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake early Monday morning, humanitarian organisation ActionAid is hiring rescue equipment to assist with search and rescue efforts.  

On Tuesday evening, a young girl, trapped under the rubble in Northwest Syria was rescued by ActionAid’s local partner Violet. While under the rubble, the young girl asked first to go home, before remembering her home was destroyed in the blast and then asked to go elsewhere to safety – but first in her princess outfit.  

Racha Nasreddine, Regional Director for ActionAid in the Arab Region said, ‘‘The images we are seeing come out of Syria and Türkiye are heart wrenching. It’s now a race against time. People who lost their loved ones and their homes are in dire need of our support. We must join forces to deliver the urgently needed humanitarian support now. Syria is experiencing an emergency within an emergency. 

“ActionAid’s partner Violet is working tirelessly around the clock to provide food, water, warm clothes and shelter. It is also leading on the search and rescue of people who a trapped, hiring equipment to assist with the mission.’’ 

The crisis has led to the closure of airports in Türkiye, and the seaport has also been closed due to the earthquake damage.  Before the quakes, people in need in north western Syria were already depending on aid coming through Türkiye to meet their basic needs, such as food and medical supplies. While one major border crossing remains open, damage to other main roads is slowing down the speed of the operation.   

Razmi Farook, Director of Asia and Humanitarian at ActionAid, said: “Local rescue teams are also working in conditions of physical and psychological distress. Many of those working for our partner organisation are dealing with their own personal losses of family members or homes but they continue to work tirelessly to support those around them. The strength and compassion they are showing is remarkable.” 

ActionAid is calling on the international community to release emergency funds to help us provide aid and rescue resources immediately.  

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