Undermining Women's Rights: Australia's global fossil fuel footprint


Australia has one of the largest global mining footprints in the world.

Yet there is a concerning lack of publicly available information on the extent, nature and consequences of Australian extractive companies’ expanding global reach.

Fossil fuel extraction is a feminist issue. This report examines the impacts of coal, oil and gas extraction on women in low income countries, and, for the first time, provides an estimate of the scale and carbon potential of fossil fuel projects currently being operated or planned by ASX listed companies.

Report: undermining women’s rights – australia’s global fossil fuel footprint

Executive Summary extraction:

This report shines a light on a critically important, yet little researched, aspect of Australia’s global mining presence: the fossil fuel industry. In particular, it examines the impacts of coal, oil and gas extraction on women in low income countries. From the sites of coal, oil and gas extraction to the places where natural disasters are becoming more ferocious and frequent, it is women living in poverty who are the most affected by the adverse consequences of the fossil fuel industry.

The gendered impacts of fossil fuel projects in affected communities include women’s exclusion from decision making, as well as increased risk of food insecurity, unpaid labour, demand for sex work, gender-based violence, and HIV infection rates. It is also women who bear the brunt of the impacts of climate change that is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Women and children are 14 times more likely than men to be killed in disasters,3 and their unpaid care work and risk of experiencing gender-based violence also increases during these times.

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“Because we don’t own this land and we don’t own this home, I am concerned that we will be relocated again”

Zodwa Mabaso, community member from Carolina, South Africa

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