A story of women's leadership and localisation in Indonesia

Carol Angir, ActionAid Australia’s Humanitarian Program Manager, recently travelled to Indonesia to support an evaluation of the YAPPIKA-ActionAid emergency response for the Central Sulawesi Earthquake in September 2018. 


‘I saw first-hand how the communities were deeply affected by the crisis. Yet I also saw the power of women’s leadership that emerged through the response. I saw women taking the lead in deciding what they need to recover, and what they need for their safety,’ said Carol.

‘The story that is unfolding in Central Sulawesi is a strong story of localisation. The local community are active and are making sure that their voices are heard. They are focusing on rebuilding their communities to be resilient for the long term. Women are ensuring that their voices are on the table. Taking a local approach is not new for YAPPIKA-ActionAid as shifting the power to local actors is central to ActionAid’s approach in emergencies. Supporting communities, both men and women, to determine what gets prioritised and what gets resourced is important in driving localisation’


ActionAid has just released research, focusing on Central Sulawesi, that evidences and advocates for an approach to localisation which not only shifts power to local actors, but also supports local women’s leadership.

Read the full report.


Support women in Indonesia to rebuild their lives and be prepared for future disasters.

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