Ceasefire Now

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Join the call to Foreign Minister Penny Wong, for an immediate ceasefire and increase in humanitarian assistance to Gaza.  

It is time to speak out and say that every life – Palestinian and Israeli – should be valued and treated with humanity. We refuse to be divided in our call for lasting peace and justice. We are calling on our government to hear us and act:  

  1. We will not be bystanders. Immediate ceasefire now. 
  2. Nothing can justify violence towards any civilians. Anyone held captive must be released. 
  3. End the siege that is preventing civilians in Gaza from accessing food, fuel and water and increase our humanitarian assistance. The collective punishment of civilians in Gaza must end.  
  4. Call for a path to real and lasting peace for Palestinian and Israeli people. 

Our message to Penny Wong:

Dear Minister Wong, 

We refuse to stand by and watch Palestinian and Israeli civilians pay the price for political failure. Humanity must be shown to those caught up in this violence and humanitarian catastrophe. Every life matters equally, and we will not be divided on this. 

You must do everything in your power to push for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the siege of Gaza. The conditions are dreadful and rapidly deteriorating yet humanitarian operations are now effectively frozen because it is impossible for agencies to restart them in the face of bombs, shells, rockets and bullets. The siege of Gaza must be stopped, and water, food and fuel allowed in, alongside efforts to secure the release of hostages in Gaza. 

We also ask that the Australian Government offers increased humanitarian assistance to Gaza. We welcome the funds already pledged and call for an immediate increase. 

A path to peace and justice for all, that includes a fair future for both Palestinian and Israeli people, is the only way forward. Our government and other world leaders must work towards a de-escalation of violence now. 


The Situation

Right now, the situation in Gaza is one of utter chaos and abject horror. People are living in constant fear and their survival is uncertain. No-one and nowhere is safe. Food, water, fuel, and electricity are rapidly running out. Women are giving birth in unsterile conditions and without pain relief. Newborn babies cannot access medical care and without clean water, their mothers cannot produce enough milk to feed them.  

The terrifying escalation of violence since 7 October has seen thousands of people killed. In Gaza, one child is being killed every 10 minutes, and almost 70% of all casualties are women and children.  

Any delay in bringing this devastating conflict to an end will have profound consequences for women and children in Gaza. Immediate action to halt hostilities means the difference between life and death for thousands of people.  

Please join us as we call for an immediate ceasefire, reversal of the evacuation order in Gaza and an end to the siege that is preventing Gaza’s civilians from accessing lifesaving humanitarian assistance, including food, fuel and water.  

ActionAid’s response in Gaza  

We have staff on the ground in Gaza and are working with local partners who are doing their utmost to provide food and relief items to families that they can reach. Our local partners, such as Al Awda Hospital, the last operational facility in Northern Gaza is delivering vital health services, while others like WEFAQ are providing support to the thousands who have been displaced and are currently seeking shelter.