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As COVID-19 infections continue to surge globally, it’s never been more important for us to stand together to fight for the health and safety of communities here and overseas.

Too many of our neighbours around the world are under-resourced and struggling to respond to the devastating health and economic fallout from this crisis. Without immediate aid from wealthy countries like Australia, an additional 143-163 million people will be pushed into extreme poverty by 2021, with women already among the worst impacted.

Last year our voices were heard as the Government announced additional financial support of $1.1 billion over four years for COVID-19 response and recovery in South East Asia and the Pacific.

But we can’t stop here – we need to push the Government to continue to step up their aid contributions! Will you email your MP today?

Now’s the time to raise our voices to get more support for low-income countries before the crisis gets worse. That’s why we’re continuing to join organisations from across the aid and development sector to campaign to #EndCOVIDForAll –– and we need your help.

Will you please write a quick, easy, and powerful email to your MP today asking them to support the campaign to #EndCOVIDForAll? It takes just 2 minutes.


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