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1284 women garment workers lost their job when the Violet Apparel factory in Cambodia abruptly closed in July 2020. They were making products for one of the largest global sportswear brands – Nike.

These women were relying on their severance payment and other benefits to get them through the pandemic, but it never came.

They have been tirelessly campaigning for Nike to take responsibility and pay the workers of Violet Apparel what they are owed. These women are demanding US$343,174 in unpaid compensation in lieu of prior notice. In addition there are damages mounting up to US$1,048,120 from the termination of the workers’ employment.

Nike can afford to pay. Last year, the brand made a whopping US$19 billion in profit alone.  

While Nike makes billions, women from the Violet Apparel factory are left wearing the cost of the pandemic. Women like Channa, who worked at Violet Apparel for 13 years:

I felt so worried. I stopped breast-feeding my baby so that I could return to work. But then they told me that my job is hanging. I didn’t know how I could look for other jobs at that time, and my husband didn’t have a job either.”

– Channa

Everyone should have the right to decent and fair working conditions. ActionAid stands with women on the frontlines of injustice in the garment industry and is holding Nike accountable for the Violet Apparel wage theft case as part of the She Wears the Cost campaign.

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