Rohingya Crisis Appeal

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Since 2017, almost a million people have escaped to the Cox’s Bazar refugee camps in Bangladesh after fleeing violence in Myanmar.

People are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance – women and girls are paying the heaviest price. Not only are in desperate need of food, clean water and shelter but their safety is also at risk every day. Women and girls in the camps face intimate partner violence, forced marriage, and the threat of sexual violence.

About 60% of people living in the camps are single mothers, with no way to provide for their children.

We urgently need your help to provide dignity kits, counselling and skills training so women can build a livelihood in the future.

Please make an urgent donation now! You can make a difference to the lives of refugee women and girls living in the camps. 

How your support helps

Supporting women to reclaim their dignity

For a woman in the camp every day is a struggle to maintain her dignity. Many women in the camps are pregnant or have their children with them. ActionAid has taken a women-centred approach to our work in the camps. We have built Women’s Friendly Spaces where mothers can receive dignity kits, breastfeed in private and access emotional support.

Providing safety in the camps

Women in the camps are at risk of sexual violence, forced marriage and being coerced to offer sex in exchange for food or shelter. Many women are alone, or are now the heads of their families. ActionAid has supported women to set up women-led groups to monitor violence in the camp, and to let others know where they can access help when they need it.

Making women’s voices heard

Women and girls live under restrictive conditions in the camps. This makes it difficult for them to be involved in decision making or create livelihoods for themselves. Women are also excluded from distributions of relief items, or prevented from having a voice within the community. ActionAid is providing sewing training to help women and girls generate income.

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