📣Tell Nike: Pay the workers of Violet Apparel

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While big fashion brands like Nike continue to make huge profits during COVID-19, the women who make their clothes are wearing the cost.  

Even before the pandemic began, brands paid poverty wages. A year into the crisis, Nike has cashed in billions in profit, while garment workers and their families are going hungry as they bear the brunt of job losses. 

80% or 35 million garment workers worldwide are women. When brands cancel or refuse to pay for orders, or pressure factories to give discounts, they are pushing the financial costs of this global pandemic onto women already living in poverty. 

We call on Nike to step up and support the women who make their clothes through this crisis by: 

  • Paying for all orders during the pandemic 
  • Paying 10 cents more per garment into a crisis fund so garment workers have access to wages and benefits, including severance pay 
  • Protecting workers’ right to organise and bargain collectively. 

Take action today: demand that Nike respect women’s rights and pay their workers.



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