Fighting Fake News

On Tuesday 6 October, ActionAid hosted a discussion on ‘Women Leading Climate Action: Fighting fake news.’  


From the Pacific, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, the Technical Adviser of the Shifting the Power Coalition emphasised the importance of putting the power of communications back into the hands of local women: “As a Pacific woman, I see a lot of content from an industrialised perspective… It all comes back to power and ownership.”  

Bhagwan Rolls used the Women Wetem Weta (WWW) network in Vanuatu, a woman–led SMS early-warning system for climate and weather events, as an example of how supporting local women to use technology can benefit entire communities.:

“I’m in awe of my sisters in Vanuatu who, as a result of a few workshops, picked up how to access climate services and weather information and use the Women Wetem Weta to share weather messages and challenge the status quo of decision-making,” she said. 

WWW has been adapted from FemLINKPacific’s Women’s Weather Watch model that was developed by Bhagwan Rolls during her time as Executive Director. 

Climate change is also changing the identity of Pacific communities, Sharon said. “The climate crisis is affecting people’s sense of identity and their notions of history and tradition. We need to listen to the communities and share their stories and the impact in their lives. Not just for today, but the future generations. 

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