Australian charities unite in inaugural disaster relief alliance

Today, for the first time in Australian history, ActionAid along with 15 other charities joined forces to launch a unified emergency response alliance.

Around the world, we’ve seen humanitarian crises escalating like never before and we know that it can be overwhelming for people here at home to know how to help.  


Today, for the first time in Australian history, ActionAid along with 15 other charities joined forces to launch a unified emergency response alliance, the Emergency Action Alliance (EAA).  

“Around the globe, the number of large-scale disasters are increasing. The complexity of these emergencies are also accelerating, and new factors such as the Covid pandemic mean that communities are even more vulnerable.  It’s no surprise that the needs for disaster response and recovery are escalating. Our member organisations already work in close collaboration during a disaster response – but there has been a common agreement that a more formal alliance was needed to make it easier for donors to give. Today is an historic moment in Australia’s response to disaster relief.” – Kerrin Morris, Executive Director of the Emergency Action Alliance. 

What is the EAA?  

The EAA is a collection of charities, uniting in our efforts to streamline the way Australians support and donate to overseas communities affected by humanitarian disasters. 

“Australians are incredibly generous when a disaster strikes and the EAA is designed to maximise the impact of this generosity.  When a crisis occurs, the Emergency Action Alliance works with its 16 members to quickly direct resources to the member agencies best positioned to respond to the disaster.” – Matthew Maury, Chair of EAA Board and CEO of Tearfund Australia.

The alliance will allow for funds to be distributed rapidly to areas where the money is most needed. More people will be supported, and communities will be able to heal and rebuild faster than ever before.  

When there’s a huge disaster or crisis overseas that gains media attention here in Australia, it can be hard for generous, compassionate supporters to know how to help, where to donate and who to trust with their donation. We know from research that any hesitancy can inhibit an individual’s likelihood to help. Through the EAA donors will have confidence that their donation will be helpful to the people and communities impacted by the disaster.” – Kerren Morris.

Who is part of the EAA? 

The current member organisations of the EAA include: Action Aid, ADRA, Act for Peace, Australian Lutheran World Service, Anglican Overseas Aid, Baptist World Aid, Caritas Australia, Care, CBM, ChildFund Australia, Oxfam, Plan International, Save the Children, Tearfund Australia, Australia for UNHCR, and World Vision. 

The alliance was launched today, on Friday 6th August during an online event featuring high profile speakers including Senator the Hon Marise Payne, ABC Board Director Dr Jane Connors, James Gilling, First Assistant Secretary (Humanitarian, NGOs and Partnerships Division), CEO of ACFID Marc Purcell, CEO of Fundraising Institute of Australia Katherine Raskob, and representatives from each of the EAA member organisations. 

With crises like COVID-19 becoming more wide-spread and complex, the EAA will mean that those who are most affected can receive rapid support to rebuild their lives and livelihoods. 

“Humanitarian emergencies are increasing in scale, impact and frequency. The EAA is addressing this growing demand by uniting Australia’s leading and most trusted humanitarian agencies for the greatest impact in a time of crisis. AAA is proud to be part of the alliance – we are stronger together and we are determined to lift Australia’s support for communities impacted by crisis.” – Michelle Higelin, Executive Director of ActionAid Australia. 

We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible alliance and can’t wait to see the positive impact the EAA will have on those working hard to overcome humanitarian disasters. 


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