Find out why Anne has been a supporter for 38 years


Meet Anne Miller, one of our longest serving and most passionate supporters.Thank you for standing with us and for standing in solidarity with women around the world.

Why are women’s rights and ending poverty important to you?

Several years ago, I reorganised my donations after I became aware of how disadvantaged women and girls are by global standards, especially compared to those of us in Australia. The main areas I was concerned with were their education and the lack of opportunities available.

They were missing out on services in the areas of health, ability to earn money, how to manage it, and taking part in leadership and decision-making not only in their families and local communities, but also in wider governmental bodies.

What ActionAid work do you feel most proud of?

I am impressed with all the activities and events that ActionAid supports to encourage women in the areas of which I have mentioned. I’m pleased to see an increase in work to improve the safety of women and girls, with the aim of ending violence.

They empower women to claim their rights and campaign against injustice. I was very impressed with the start of Women Wetem Weta (Women’s Weather Watch) in Vanuatu – an SMS system that assists women with the information they need to prepare for extreme weather events.

Why did you start supporting ActionAid?

I started supporting ActionAid, formerly Austcare, 38 years ago and have continued as I see them frequently reviewing their programs.

As a long-term supporter what difference do gifts in Wills make to ActionAid’s work with women and girls?

I understand that this enables ActionAid to ensure more forward planning in appropriate areas.

What are your hopes for ActionAid over the next 10 years?

I hope that more progress will be made in the area of violence against women worldwide, particularly in the area of domestic violence.


Leave ActionAid a gift in your will

Your last Will and Testament reflects the commitments and values that you cherish and hold dear to your heart. ActionAid Australia promises to honour your legacy by working with women in communities where the need to end poverty and injustice is greatest.

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